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Can You Microwave Reusable Silicone Bags?

One of the things that makes our reusable silicone food bags so handy is that they can transition seamlessly from freezer to microwave and beyond. But we still get questions from customers wondering whether silicone is microwave-safe.

The short answer - absolutely! Our silicone bags are designed to be used in the microwave.  Let's find out more...

Using your silicone bags in the microwave

Good quality food-grade silicone can withstand temperatures from a bitter -40°C up to a blistering 230°C.

This makes silicone an ideal material for microwave cooking and reheating. It transfers heat efficiently for faster, more even warming without posing any safety issues or leaching chemicals.

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Our founder Melanie frequently uses Moonmoon silicone bags to microwave fresh and frozen food. As she told us:

"My daughters love homemade popcorn  for our family movie nights. I just fill my moonmoob bags with kernels and some oil and seasoning, seal them up and microwave until they've fully popped. It's so fast and easy for making fresh popcorn they can grab straight out the microwave."

Guidelines for Safe Microwave Use

While our silicone is highly heat resistant, some care still needs to be taken:

✅ Don't heat for long periods

✅ Don't microwave completely empty bags

✅ Watch closely 

As long as you stick to reheating in short bursts and keep an eye on proceedings, our bags are 100% safe for microwave use. We've seen customers safely microwave their trusty Moonmoon bags for years without issue by following these simple practices.

Handy Uses for Microwaving Silicone Bags

From meal prepped ingredients and leftovers to quick snacks, silicone bags open up all kinds of handy microwave possibilities:

👍 Defrosting frozen veg, fruits, breads

👍 Reheating soup portions, oatmeal, rice

👍 Steaming veggies or fish fillets


reusable food bags for microwave, resealable silicone pouch moo moo

Silicone transfers heat so efficiently and uniformly, foods reheat faster without risk of chemicals leaching (note, best to avoid plastic in the microwave).

Just remember to always vent bags by leaving one corner open before microwaving. This allows steam to escape rather than potentially tearing seals open from pressure build up.

So feel free to leverage those versatile silicone bags of yours for all kinds of microwaving tasks.

Let us know if you have any other microwave silicone questions - until then, happy reheating!

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