Our Story

It all started with a question... 

Whilst training to be a yoga teacher, we submersed ourselves in the rich philosophy of this ancient practice.  Yoga has always grounded me and put me in a positive space.  Never before had I felt so connected to nature, our mother Earth.  Feeling inspired, I thought, ‘what can I do to help?


Our Story moonmoon


After more than ten years in corporate jobs and now with two young children, I was ready to take my own path.  I wanted a business that would make a difference.  That would inspire others to make the changes that I had started to make.  As a busy mum of two, for me one of the great opportunities to create a positive environmental impact was in the home.  In this way, we can ALL be part of the change.

The idea of reusability seemed so simple to me.  Why continue to consume massive amounts of single use plastics and other materials, when we could save MONEY, RESOURCES and the ENVIRONMENT by simply reusing what we have.  The amount of waste we are generating is just not sustainable in the longer term.

It has become my focus to build a range of products that make reusing easy and enjoyable.  I thought what am I using today that is wasteful.  Is there a reusable alternative that could replace it?

I personally test all our products to make sure they are all of the highest quality and really fit for purpose.  Don’t you just hate it when you buy something and it breaks a few weeks later?  It’s really important to me that our products last.

Not only that, I always want our products to look good.  There is no reason that eco alternatives cannot also look beautiful!

Our family business is now growing.  I do welcome any feedback or ideas you have and would love to hear from you at melanie@moonmoon.co.uk


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 Thank you very much for joining us on this journey!