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Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

Have you made New Year's resolutions this year?  Have you considered what you could do differently to reduce your environmental impact?  Now is a great time to commit to sustainable goals for the year ahead, no matter how big or small.  Here’s our top tips on where to start.


Sustainable New Year's Resolutions


Cut down on Single Use Plastic Bottles

You could start by avoiding single use plastic water bottles.  There are many reusable alternatives made from stainless steel, glass or safe aluminium. By making it a habit to fill up your bottle in the morning, you will find they are so easy to carry around with you so you have water available throughout the day.  However, if you do forget, try finding a water fountain nearby or head into a café and ask for a glass of water.  If you do need to buy one, try looking for glass bottles and reuse/recycle it afterwards.  If you prefer to drink filtered water and are constantly buying plastic filters, try using carbon sticks to naturally filter your own water from home and use a reusable bottle for it.


Bring your own Shopping Bags 

How many plastic bags do you end up buying when doing your food shop? Far too many that end up being wasted, start carrying your own bags around when shopping. Why not keep your shopping bags in the boot of your car or your handbag, so you know you are never without. When it comes to buying fruit and vegetables, look for options without plastic packaging. Why not try our Organic Cotton Produce Bags for a fabulous reusable option!


Start Composting 

Why start composting? If you have an outdoor space, it is an inexpensive natural process to transform your garden and kitchen waste into valuable nutrients for your garden.  It is super easy and simple to do. Otherwise, check with your local council for any schemes, most will offer a food waste collection service or may be able to give information on where you can publicly go to compost.


Reduce your Energy Consumption 

Save energy this year and reduce your energy consumption at home. Turn off your standby appliances, turn the appliances off at the plug to save up to £30 a year. Monitor your usage, install a smart meter or if you already have one keep track of your energy use to help try and minimize your costs where you can. Turning down your thermostat even by one degree can help save you money.  It is a good idea to set it so it only comes on when it is colder than the preferred temperature and turns off when it has reached that point. Turn off lights when they are not needed and when you are not in that room. Switch to solar powered devices, or try using LED lights.  


Bring your own Packed Lunch

Make/take your own lunch in to work or college/university with you instead of buying plastic packaged supermarket options.  Not only will this save you a good amount of money, you will save on waste as well.  Further minimise your food waste, by planning ahead with meal plans and batch cooking e.g. soup for the week.  Do you have leftover food from your dinner? Don’t waste the leftovers use them in or for your lunch also.  Our Stainless Steel Leakproof lunchbox is perfect for transporting them.


Don't throw out useable items 

Why not give a little this year - your waste could be another person’s treasure! If you are having a good clear out and wanting to get rid of old furniture or appliances, don’t just throw them away, someone else could make good use of those items. You could contact a local furniture re-use network who help to distribute unwanted furniture, goods and appliances to those in need.  You could also advertise your items on social media groups/pages.  Don’t forget to donate your old clothes and books to charity too.


We would love to hear what is on your list!  Please do share.  We hope you all have a happy new year!

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