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How can I use reusable silicone bags?

In 2019, the UK generated 2.4 million tonnes of plastic waste and out of this, only 9% was even recycled (Source: DEFRA).  Shocking, isn’t it?!

When a plastic-free, sustainable swap exists, then it makes sense to ditch the single use plastic and make the switch.  If you have not heard of them already, reusable silicone bags are a great eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, which can take hundreds of years to decompose.

By using silicone bags, you can reduce your environmental impact and help to reduce plastic pollution.  Although silicone bags are initially more expensive than plastic bags, they are designed to be reused many times. Over time, you can save money by not having to purchase disposable plastic bags.  Silicone bags are designed to be airtight and leak-proof, which helps to keep food fresh for longer periods of time. This can reduce food waste and save you money on groceries.  Silicone is a non-toxic and non-reactive material, so it's safe to use for storing food. Unlike plastic bags, silicone bags do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA. Silicone bags are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water. This makes them a convenient and hygienic option for storing food and other items.



Silicone bags can be used for a wide range of purposes, from food storage to travel. They are also suitable for use in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.  Here’s some ideas to get you started…


Food Storage

You can use silicone bags to store leftovers, fresh produce, snacks, and other food items. They are airtight and leak-proof, so they keep food fresh for longer periods of time.


Sous vide cooking

Silicone bags are great for sous vide cooking. You can place your food in the bag, seal it, and then cook it in a water bath at a precise temperature for a specified amount of time.


Freezing food

You can use silicone bags to freeze food items such as soups, stews, and sauces. They are freezer-safe and can be used over and over again.


Meal prep

You can use silicone bags to prep meals ahead of time. You can chop vegetables and store them in the bags for later use, or portion out meals and store them in the bags for easy grab-and-go meals.




Silicone bags are great for traveling. You can use them to store toiletries, cosmetics, and other small items. They are also TSA-compliant, so you can easily take them through airport security instead of using single use plastic bags.



You can use silicone bags to store your toiletries when traveling. They are leak-proof, so you don't have to worry about spills in your luggage. You can easily see what's inside as they are transparent. 



You can use silicone bags to store your makeup and other cosmetics. They are easy to clean and will protect your items from getting damaged.



You can use silicone bags to store your electronic devices, such as phones and tablets, to protect them from water damage. You can also use them to store your chargers and cables. 



If you enjoy crafting, you can use silicone bags to store your materials, such as beads, thread, and needles. They are also great to store pencils, pens and sharpies. 


First-aid supplies

You can use silicone bags to store your first-aid supplies, such as bandages and antiseptic wipes. They are airtight and will protect your supplies from moisture and dirt.



Overall, the benefits of reusable silicone bags make them a great investment for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact and save money over time.


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