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how do you clean reusable silicone bags, how to clean reusable ziploc bags

How To Clean Reusable Silicone Bags

By now most of us are fully aware of how bad plastics are for the environment, so If you aren't already using reusable silicone bags, you should definitely consider making the switch!  

reusable silicone bags, how to wash reusable ziploc bags

They are super handy for practically anything from home or kitchen storage, traveling, food prep/cooking, and even support you when shopping at zero-waste stores. It's a great investment as they can be used over and over again and our thick silicone bags are super strong, durable and resistant to tearing.

So, how do you clean reusable silicone bags?

Well, they can be washed just like any other dish or kitchen tool, with soap and water. If washing by hand be sure not to use an abrasive sponge or scrubber, this could potentially damage the bags. To avoid any mould building up anywhere, make sure you pay attention to crumbs and debris in the corners of the bag or in the creases.

Our Moonmoon Silicone bags are not only fridge/freezer, microwave, oven proof and suitable for sous vide cooking, they are also dishwasher safe. When putting them through the dishwasher make sure you place them upside down with the seal open to allow the water to get inside. It is not recommended to try turning them inside out, this could eventually cause damage to the bags.

Can you wash reusable bags, washing ziploc bags, how do you clean reusable silicone bags

So how do you dry them? 

We recommend air drying by leaving open over an upside down glass or cup before placing them away so they don't get mildew. There is no harm in giving them a little wipe down with a kitchen towel, however avoid types that will leave little fibres stuck on the bags. 

If you encounter some discolouration or stubborn stains on your bags, don't worry here's a little tip.  Simply put the bag in direct sunlight for a few hours to naturally bleach out stains or try vinegar and baking soda for the more stubborn stains.

It's really not so hard to make the switch from single use plastic ziplock bags to reusable silicone bags and cleaning them is a doddle!

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