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Let’s make this Christmas Green! ♻🎄


Check out our top tips for having a more sustainable Christmas, from choosing eco friendly Christmas decorations to our top tips for trees and gifts. Still merry and bright, but just sparing a thought for our beautiful planet Earth.🌎


Trees trees trees...

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative this year? Real, local Christmas trees are more sustainable than an artificial one; you could even go one further and rent a real Christmas tree from a farm. Go ahead and decorate and care for the tree during the festive period and once it hits January they will pick it up and replant it.  Alternatively try choosing a potted tree with roots so you can plant it in your garden after and maybe even reuse next year.

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It’s all in the wrap

If you’re looking to buy someone a sustainable gift, go that step further by using reusable wrapping paper, recycled wrapping paper or eco biodegradable wrap.  You could even try recycled fabric to wrap your gift in. The majority or wrapping paper ends up in landfill and can’t be recycled. If you do buy regular wrapping paper, ensure it can be recycled (no glitter).  Did you know that regular plastic tape cannot be recycled?  You can choose plastic free options or simply use paper tape that can be recycled alongside the wrap.  Many have beautiful festive designs on them too.🎁


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It's a cracker

Christmas crackers can also end up being very wasteful, once they are pulled, they are just tossed aside (yes, those plastic toys too).  Try looking for plastic-free options if you still love a cracker.  Or even switch to reusable ones; you can buy a reusable cracker shell and a set of ‘snaps’ and fill them with your own treats. This can also give you the opportunity to make a more personalised cracker for friends and loved ones.🎄


Think Green when giving cards

Have you heard of plantable Christmas cards? Well, they have become quite a popular eco-friendly gift.  A plantable Christmas card is made from recycled paper with grass and wildflower seeds embedded into them. So once the festivities are over you can plant your card in either a pot or your garden and watch it grow.  If you do receive conventional Christmas cards, don't forget to recycle them, being careful to remove any parts with plastic of glitter.  Or why not consider recycling them into Christmas decorations for the following year.✉🏷

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Save money, Save energy

Haven't got all your lights up yet, but planning on putting up more?  Save on energy especially around this time of the year.   Have you considered  getting LED Christmas lights?   They use around 80% less energy than your traditional twinkling incandescent lights. If using lights outside, considering switching to solar powered options.  Not only will you make environmental savings, but your own electricity bills will be lower! ✨💡


Advent Calendars

Make the switch to a reusable advent calendar and scrap the ones filled with plastic. You can fill your own advent calendar with anything you like to reduce the plastic waste that normally comes from them.


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Ditch the single use plastics

Cut down on your plastic waste this Christmas.  There are so many ways to reduce  waste just within the kitchen around the festive period.  Try buying loose fruit and veg and cut our the unnecessary plastic, we have Cotton Produce bags that are super-handy for shopping for loose items.  Zero waste shops and delivery services also offer many plastic-free options, especially for seasonal items such as nuts and dried fruits. Plan ahead of your ‘big shop’, so that you only buy what you need.


Don’t turn food into waste

Try our Beeswax Wraps or even our stainless steel snack pots to save you time as well by allowing you to prepare certain dishes before the big day and keep them fresh.  You can also freeze your cut up fruit and veg in our snack pots. Don’t just throw away your leftovers, our Reusable Silicone bags are great for storing leftover meals, soups, gravy etc. and can be frozen, meaning you have another meal when it is needed.


Wishing you all a very merry and Green Christmas!

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