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Are reusable silicone bags better than plastic food bags?

If the option is there, why not choose to reuse.  Reusable options are better for the planet and often our pocket too.

A significant part of household waste is plastic packaging, which includes plastic 'ziploc' bags.  Did you know that it is easy to avoid these bags all together?  From storing leftovers and accessories, to saving the environment, it really is easy to make the switch to reusable silicone bags.  Zero plastic and zero waste!  Our Moonmoon silicone bags can be reused time and time again.

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This is why we think reusable food bags are better than the plastic single use alternatives:

Easy to Use

Our innovative pinch-press bags work a treat. Simply squeeze together the top edges of the bag to secure. Time to say 'goodbye' to fiddly plastic rods and awkward zips.



From meat, fish and vegetables to accessories, makeup and electronics. Our bags come in a variety of sizes.  Our silicone bags are transparent so you can see what's inside, and slimline to save on space in your fridge, freezer or bag.


Plastic Free

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic packaging for good.   Our reusable food bags are made from thick silicone that's BPA free and perfect for storing food in the freezer. Simply squeeze together the top edges of the bag to secure. The non-stick quality allows you to reuse them over and over again and keep using them for smoothies, soups, batches cooking and even recipes requiring sous vide. We've made some fun colours so pick your favourite or collect them all!

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Easy to Clean

Dishwasher proof and easy to clean - simply prop open over a glass to air dry.   Then keep on reusing!


Saves you Money

If you are someone who uses a lot of plastic sandwich bags, the cost can certainly add up!  By investing in good quality reusables, you will be able to use the same sandwich bags for years.  

reusable silicone food bags uk, silicone freezer bags, stasher bags


Our Moonmoon silicone bags are available in different sizes, shapes and colours.  What would work best for your lifestyle?  

Time to ditch the plastic and go reusable.


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