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How to Pack a Sustainable Lunch Box

Packed lunches are a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that you have a healthy and satisfying meal during the work or school day. However, if you're not careful, packed lunches can also generate a lot of waste. Here are some tips for making your packed lunches more sustainable:


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Use reusable containers and wraps: Instead of using disposable plastic baggies or foil, opt for reusable containers to hold your food. There are many options available, including containers made from stainless steel, glass, or silicone. These can be easily washed and used again and again, reducing your waste and saving you money in the long run.

Our Moonmoon bento boxes are leakproof and can be used to carry school meals securely.   There are so many ways you can use our Stainless Steel lunch boxes to pack a varied, tasty and healthy lunch box for yourself and or your children. Our metal lunch box comes with a divider, meaning you can separate foods, stopping dry food from becoming soggy.

If you want to reduce waste inside your lunch box, it's definitely time to ditch the cling film and foil!  For sandwiches, you are a reusable container or bag or wrap in reusable and biodegradable beeswax wrap. Our beeswax wraps can be used to wrap sandwiches, fruit and snacks.  Made with organic cotton, they are completely natural and can be washed in cool water and left to dry each night.


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Bring your own utensils: Single-use plastic utensils are a common source of waste. Instead, invest in a reusable set of utensils that you can bring with you in your lunch bag. This can include a fork, knife, spoon, and even a set of chopsticks.

Pack your own drinks: Instead of buying single-use bottles or cans of soda or juice, consider packing your own drinks in a reusable bottle or thermos. Water is always a hydrating and waste-free option, but you could also bring along homemade iced tea or lemonade.


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Choose whole foods: Processed, pre-packaged snacks may be convenient, but they often come with a lot of unnecessary packaging. Instead, try packing whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, and sandwiches made with whole grain bread.

Choose fruit as your snack of choice, not only is this a healthy option, but the leftovers can be composted and there is no plastic wrap!  If you are fond of crisps, check to see if you can recycle the packets at your locals supermarket or via Terracycle.  You could also buy snacks in bulk and portion them out each day, using our reusable silicone food bags.  These reusable storage bags can simply be washed and reused each day.


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Plan ahead: To reduce the impulse to buy convenience foods, try planning and packing your lunches the night before. This will also save you time in the morning.

Only pack what you know will be eaten.  This can save your pocket as well as the environment. You could pack up last nights leftovers in reusable containers for a lunch time treat.  Don't forget that most food waste left over can be composted.


By making a few small changes, you can easily make your packed lunches more sustainable. Not only will this reduce waste, but it can also help you save money and make healthier food choices.

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