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Why switch to a stainless steel lunch box?


Did you know that over 11 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year? (

reusable products UK

Our planet is struggling with the sheer volume of plastic being produced, consumed and thrown away daily.  Much of it is never recycled and ends up in landfill and our oceans, polluting our soil and sea.

Whilst we always recommend using what you have first, if you are in need of a lunch box, we recommend making the switch to stainless steel.


Hygienic, BPA-Free and Odourless

Using stainless steel products can prove to be more hygienic, especially if the container is a lunch box. The USP of a stainless steel bento box is that it is easy to clean, preventing the build up of harmful bacteria. Moreover, stainless steel boxes are not prone to micro abrades, like plastic ones and are odourless.

Our Moonmoon lunchboxes available in the UK are completely free from toxic BPA substances, which are usually found in plastics.  BPA has been found to seep into the food and some studies indicate a possible link with cancer.  


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For the long term

Unlike plastic containers that are prone to constant wear and tear and glass lunchboxes are easily breakable, a stainless steel bento box that will deliver years of shelf life. Only high quality stainless steel lunch boxes should be purchased, to avoid recurring purchases. Stainless steel will not lose it’s integrity when dropped or bumped, making it the best long term choice.

Our bento boxes are completely corrosion-proof, and can easily endure extreme heat and cold, meaning that reheating food in the lunch box is never an issue. However, it is to be noted that stainless steel is not appropriate for microwaves.

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Durable and Sustainable 

Having a lunch box composed of recyclable stainless steel helps individuals to save considerably on packaging waste. Stainless steel lunch boxes are durable, lasting for years and decades. Besides, steel will never release any toxins into the surrounding ecosystem, and never contribute to any health issues. Such small steps opted by people can easily help to effectively conserve the environment, and make the planet a better place to live in. 


Portable and Leak-Proof 

Some believe that steel bento boxes are heavier than other materials, preventing individuals from buying them. However, the reality is portable, light in weight, and can easily be carried in backpacks. Such steel boxes are a perfect fit for the school or office bags, helping to keep the meals fresh with nutrients intact. Moreover, such stainless boxes are designed to be completely spill-free; hence they never cause any contamination to the food. 

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Final Verdict

Taking into consideration the benefits, it truly makes sense to invest in a durable, lightweight, and BPA-free bento box for keeping food fresh and secure and neutral in taste and smell. 

Check out our stainless steel lunch boxes available with free UK shipping.

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