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Why you should store your leftovers in reusable bags

Do you always have leftovers? It can seem like such a waste to throw them away when they can simply be stored in the fridge, freezer or cupboard for another meal.

Do you have a drawer full of mismatched containers that you can never find the right lids for?  Keep it simple and switch to Reusable Silicone Bags. Storing leftovers in reusable bags can be beneficial for several reasons:


Moonmoon Freezer Bags Silicone Reusable Food Bags


Environmental Impact: Storing leftovers in reusable bags reduces waste and the use of disposable plastic bags and cling film, which can have a significant impact on the environment.  Choose to reuse and make a positive impact on our environment.


Cost-Effective: Investing in reusable bags for storing leftovers can be a cost-effective option in the long run, as they can be used time and time again and do not need to be frequently replaced.


Durability: Reusable bags are typically made from durable materials that can withstand repeated use and are less likely to tear or break, which can help prevent food waste and spills.  Our Moonmoon silicone bags are made with Platinum food grade silicone, which is FDA approved and designed to last!


Space-Saving: Reusable bags can be easily folded and stored in small spaces, making them ideal for people with limited storage space.  Not only that, our very own silicone pouch bags can are slimline in design, meaning they take up very little space in your fridge and freezer.


Moonmoon Silicon Food Bags Reusable Freezer Fridge Bag


Airtight and Leak-Proof: Our reusable bags are designed to be airtight and leak-proof, which can help keep leftovers fresh and prevent spills or leaks in the fridge or freezer.


Easy Storage: Storing leftovers in bags can be an easy way to organize and store food in the fridge or freezer. Bags can be labelled with the contents and date, making it easier to identify what's inside and when it was stored.  We recommend using a washable marker pen to do this.


Reduce Food Waste: By storing leftovers properly, you can help prevent food waste. Leftovers that are stored in bags can be kept fresh for longer periods of time, which means you're more likely to use them up instead of throwing them away.


Moon Moon Food Bags Stasher Bags UK Reusable Silicon Bags


Portability: Reusable Food Bags can be a convenient way to transport leftovers to work, school, or other places. They are lightweight and can easily fit into a lunch bag or backpack.  Try using them for your dog's snacks or children's Lego too, they really are multipurpose!


Space-Saving: Bags take up less space than containers, making them ideal for people with limited storage space. They can be stacked on top of each other in the fridge or freezer, making it easier to organize and store food.


Cost-Effective: Using bags to store leftovers can be more cost-effective than using containers. Bags are often less expensive than containers, and they don't take up as much space in the dishwasher, which can save money on water and energy bills.

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