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Stainless Steel Cups | 4 Set of 500ml Tumblers

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Your Moonmoon order will be packaged, where possible, in reused or recycled, plastic-free packaging.  

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CHOOSE TO REUSE.  Billions of plastic cups and bottles end up in landfall each year.  Reduce your waste now and switch to our Moonmoon eco friendly stainless steel cups.   Made from the high quality  304 food grade stainless steel and nothing more.  Plastic free, FDA approved and reusable for years. 

FOR THE HOME & OUTDOORS. Our durable stainless steel cups will become your go-to option for camping, hiking, festivals and picnics.  They are a great alternative for plastic cups at home, both indoors and for BBQs and garden parties.  They can be used for adult beverages such as beer, wine and cocktails.  Perfect for water, milk or squash for children.

LIGHTWEIGHT, STACKABLE & EASY TO CLEAN.  Our lightweight, single wall cups are stackable, making them easy to store and carry to events.    They are easy to wash, and unlike glass cups, they do not need careful handling.  You can wash them by hand or pop them in the dishwasher.   As they are metal, please do not microwave. 

A SAFE WAY TO HOLD YOUR DRINKS.  Our 500ml metal cups are free from BPA, lead, zinc, phthalates and other toxic materials.  Since stainless steel is nonreactive to acid, you will always have a clean taste without smell or flavour.   Our smooth lipped design, means there are no sharp edges making them safer for you and your family.   Please do not use for hot drinks as the cup conducts heat, so the surface will become hot.

STRONG & DURABLE - THEY LAST.  Whilst glass cups are fragile, plastic cups can crack and paper cups go soggy, stainless steel is a force of nature!   Our tumblers are resistant to stains, rust and corrosion.   The cups are electropolished for added rust protection and contain no extra paints or materials that can chip or peel.   If you look after your cups, they will last for years.  At the end of their useful life, please recycle.

WE CARE Moonmoon cups are a better choice for you and the environment.  We only use 100% recyclable cardboard packaging for our orders.

Pack of 4 500ml cups. 

Also available in a Pack of 2 here.

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