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5 Changes You Can Make at Home to Reduce Your Use of Plastic

Sometimes it's the small changes we make that can make a collective difference.
  1. Avoid plastic water bottles. Billions of plastic bottles are produced every year and unfortunately only about 20 percent of those bottles get recycled. Why is this such a bad thing? Because plastic never really disappears. It just breaks apart into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastics. It takes 450 years for one plastic bottle to break apart in the ocean or a landfill. Using a reusable water bottle is a simple change which can have a big impact! 
  1. Bring reusable bags for your groceries. Sea turtles are known to eat plastic bags because, to turtles, bags look just like jellyfish. The alternative couldn’t be easier – keep reusable bags in your boot / shopping bags (note to husband here!!). That way you always have them when they’re needed!
  1. Skip the plastic straws. The best thing to do is avoid straws completely. If you need one, try a paper straw or a reusable straw. It’s also OK to say “no straw please” when a drink is being prepared.
  1. Pack a litter-free lunch. Instead of using plastic wrap and plastic bags to store your lunch, try using lunch boxes, reusable bags and beeswax wraps to keep your food fresh and tasty.
  1. Buy in Bulk - Buying things in bulk — like cereal and pasta that you can put into reusable containers — will help you cut back on the extra and unnecessary packaging of multiple individual buys.

Many of our reusable essentials are great alternatives to single use plastic items.  From beeswax wraps and reusable bags to lunch boxes and snack pots, it's amazing how much waste can be saved by choosing to reuse.

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