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It’s World Refill Day!

Have you tried zero waste shopping? 

Thankfully we now have more shops popping up which have refilling stations.

Bringing your own containers, bags, jars and bottles to fill up in store is a brilliant way to cut down on waste.  It may take a little change in routine, but the benefits are huge.

Many of our reusable essentials are ideal for zero waste shopping.

🍎Organic Cotton Produce Bags - These mesh bags have you covered for all your fresh fruit and veggies. The muslin bags will take care of your rice, lentils and nuts. Made from organic cotton, they can be washed and reused as much as you like! The weight of each bag is on the label to make checkout a doddle.

❄️Reusable Silicone bags - Light to carry and ideal for frozen items, dried fruits and anything you don't want to leak. When I stock up on frozen items, I pop the bags straight in the freezer after purchase. How easy is that?

🥜 Stainless Steel Snack Pots - Great for nibbles, nuts and seeds and lightweight to pop in your bag. The silicone lids keep everything secure.

I also love reusing what I have around the house. From Bonne Maman jars to old takeaway containers and coffee tins.

What do you bring to your zero waste shop?

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