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Covering Party Food

5 ways to use Beeswax Wraps this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, we have 5 ways that our organic cotton Moonmoon beeswax wraps can help you over this festive period. 🐝🎅


1. Keep Festive Cheese & Bread Fresh

We love munching on cheese at Christmas.  Keep your cut up cheese and bread/baguettes fresher for longer in our beeswax wraps.  They easily mould around odd shapes and can help extend the shelf life of your food. They are a better alternative to plastic wrap, that can suffocate cheese and bread making it spoil faster. 🧀🍞🥖

2. For Food Preparation

Many of us like to prepare our food for the big day in advance.  Beeswax wraps are a great product for wrapping cut up fruit and veg, or even to cover over that roasting tin of potatoes ready for your Christmas dinner. The combination of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil makes a super effective, safe and naturally antibacterial wrap. 🍲🥔🍊🥕

3. Cover Your Leftovers

Beeswax wraps are also great for covering your leftovers, keeping them fresh and looking pretty.  They are far more attractive than cling film too!  Our beeswax covers are flexible and adhesive. Simply use the warmth of your hands to activate their sealing power. When needed, hand wash in cool water with mild dish soap and hang to dry. 🍽

4. Covering Party Food

Christmas time is the time for parties!   So what better way to make your party food look lovely on the table wrapped and covered in beeswax wraps. They are super handy for those Christmassy gatherings and get togethers. Why not also try making them into party cone favours to give out or cones to use rather than plastic plates. 🍕🍿🧁🍾


Why not treat a friend or family member to a beautifully packaged set of our beeswax wraps. A Christmas gift that is not only beautiful, but practical and great for the environment too! Perfect for your work secret Santa or teacher present. 🎄🎁✨

Now let's get wrapping!

Covering Party Food


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