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silicone bags

5 ways you can use reusable silicone bags this Christmas

The festivities are fast approaching and we can also spread our love to the environment this Christmas by being mindful of the waste we produce.  Often the big one at Christmas is food waste... but we have a solution for you!  Our Moonmoon reusable silicone bags can be used in multiple ways this holiday season to  keep our waste to a minimum. 🎄♻


silicone bags

1. Freeze your leftovers.  Left over turkey or nut roast? Not eaten all the vegetables or gravy?  Save on money and waste, by popping them in one of our reusable silicone bags.  This will also save you time when you come to enjoy your leftovers at a later date.   Some Christmas stuffing in January, anyone? 

2. Store chopped fruit for parties, dates etc. Save yourself the hassle later and prepare your lemon slices for that G&T, or chopped fruit for cocktails etc. Our easy to seal, leakproof bags will keep them fresh until show time!

3. Go shopping zero waste style. Look out for shops that have refill options.  Silicone bags are ideal for stocking up on frozen, sticky and wet items.  They will be kept safe and secure on your way home and you could put them straight in the freezer if you want to.  By buying loose items in this way, you can minimise your plastic waste.  We love using ours for Christmas nuts!

4. Cook sous vide.  If you prefer to have steamed veg, our silicone storage bags are suitable for cooking in hot water in a pan. They are also microwave and oven safe.  This reusable alternative to single use plastic ziplock bags is a win for you and for the environment!

5. Keep fresh produce fresh for longer. Got a meal plan for the festive period?  Our reusable silicone bags will help keep your food fresher for longer.  Slimline, so they won't take up space in your fridge, they are ideal for keep items such as salad and tomatoes fresh.  

Bon appetite!  ...and Merry Christmas!

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