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Back to School Eco Style - How to pack waste free lunches

After a hot and balmy summer, September is fast approaching.   If you have children, you will do doubt be preparing for the big return to school.

When it comes to packed lunches, do you feel there is just too much waste inside your child's lunch box?  It can be hard to avoid when so many items come pre-packaged in plastic.  However, there are simple ways to make some small changes that will help you to work towards your goal.

Here are some of our top tips


Use a reusable lunch box or bag

Investing in a high quality reusable lunch box or bag is a great start in the battle against single use plastic. Choosing a stainless steel lunch box, for example, is a great plastic free choice that will last for years.  

Non-toxic and fully recyclable, it is a great choice for children.  No BPA or other chemicals and easy to clean and keep hygienic.  

Our Moonmoon bento boxes are leakproof and can be used to carry school meals securely.   There are so many ways you can use our Stainless Steel lunch boxes to pack a varied, tasty and healthy lunch box for your kids. Our lunch box comes with a divider, meaning you can separate foods, stopping dry food from becoming soggy.

Our smaller sized metal snack pot fits perfectly inside, if you want to keep fruit, sauces, dips or anything else contained separately in the lunchbox. Since the lunch box is leakproof, you don't have to worry about leakages and spills inside your bag.

Stainless steel moonmoon lunchbox, metal bento lunch box, stainless steel snack pot, dressing pot


Refillable cups/bottles

So simple, but it's definitely worth investing in a high quality reusable water bottle.  We recommend stainless steel for this too, as it will stand the test of time and will be free from any chemicals found in plastic.  If you stick to this, you can avoid single-serving drink boxes, pouches, cans and bottles.


Reusable food wraps

If you want to reduce waste in your child's lunch box, it's definitely time to ditch the cling film and foil!  For sandwiches, you are a reusable container or bag or wrap in reusable and biodegradable beeswax wrap. Our beeswax wraps can be used to wrap sandwiches, fruit and snacks.  Made with organic cotton, they are completely natural and can be washed in cool water and left to dry each night.

Moonmoon reusable eco friendly products, organic cotton beeswax wraps



Choose fruit as your snack of choice, not only is this a healthy option, but the leftovers can be composted and there is no plastic wrap!  If your child is fond of crisps, check to see if you can recycle the packets at your locals supermarket or via Terracycle.  You could also buy snacks in bulk and portion them out each day, using our reusable silicone food bags.


Waste not, want not

Only pack what you think your child can eat.  This can save your pocket as well as the environment. You could pack up last nights leftovers in reusable containers for a lunch time treat.  Don't forget that most food waste left over can be composted.

Moonmoon silicone bags, small silicone bags, clear silicone food bags, food storage bags, reusable food bags


Packing waste free lunches is not only good for the environment, it can also save you money in the process - win win!

Do you have more ideas?  We would love to hear in the comments below.

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