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Zero Waste Week- What Changes Can You Make?

The UK generates a huge amount of waste every year.  This waste has a massive impact on our environment and wildlife.

This Zero Waste Week is a good time to reflect on what changes you can make to reduce waste in your household. Habits are everything, so here are 5 low waste habits to get you started:


Sustainable shopping

Get into the routine of buying less plastic items when shopping and try buying more biodegradable products to cut down on your plastic waste at home. Try refill shops where you can buy produce, nuts, cereals etc. without the plastic packaging, by reusing your own jars, bags etc. Our Moonmoon reusable silicone bags are great for refill shops. Companies such as Milk and More are also offering refill options alongside their curbside milk deliveries.  You could also consider buying recycled furniture or clothes. Try shopping local and save yourself the fuel and time. 

Zero Waste Eco Friendly Products



Recycling is a great habit to get into to avoid waste piling up in our landfills and negatively impacting our environment.  Many items can be easily recycled at home, or dropped off at supermarkets (think batteries, plastic bags, water filters etc)  At Moonmoon, we will collect your used cheese packaging from our office in Winchester and send to Terracycle to recycle.

Terracycle Recycling



Find Plastic Alternatives

Where you can, look for plastic-free options or simply avoid buying products with plastic packaging. Plastic bags, cups or straws pollute our lands and oceans. Plastic is not only environmentally harmful to manufacture and dispose of, but it also takes a toll on your health, and it takes an incredibly long time to degrade in a natural environment.  Just say no to plastic. 

Eco friendly, reusable products, silicone freezer bags


Switch to Reusables

 A great way to avoid unnecessary waste is to switch to reusables.  Instead of buying bottled water, why not bring your own reusable bottles?  The same with your daily coffee.  Think about how many plastic lids could be saved if everyone brought their own cup?  Supermarket meal deals also come with a lot of excess packaging.  By packing your own lunch and snacks, you can save money and reduce waste.  Try our stainless steel lunch boxes and snack pots, which are completely plastic free.


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Crack down on Food Waste

The UK throws away a staggering 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every single year (Business Waste UK).  Try only buying what you need and freezing produce that wont be consumed on time.  You can also save your leftovers for later.  When you do find yourself with food scraps, try composting.  Many local councils run schemes for this or you can also try composting at home.  It's surprising how much a home compost bin can take and your garden will thank you for it after.  


Do you have other ideas for Zero Waste Week and beyond?  We would love to hear in the comments below.


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