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How to have an eco-friendly Bonfire night

Although Bonfire night is not the greenest time of year, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it!  Spare a thought this year on the 5th November towards the environment and check out some tips we have. 

Are you building a bonfire? If yes, think about the materials you are using.  Try and use old bits of wood and garden waste (no plastic!), this will help to release fewer carbon emissions.

Do you enjoy watching beautiful firework displays? Rather than having your own display at home, look to see what events your community is holding.  Your neighbours will be thankful, and you will be reducing your personal carbon and waste footprint.

However, if you are choosing to have your own display or are the one hosting a community display, why not try eco-friendly fireworks. At such a carbon-intensive time of year it is so important that we can reduce the environmental impact fireworks have, and even though eco-friendly fireworks aren’t fully widespread they are growing in popularity.

Best to avoid using sky lanterns as some of the parts can take a long time to completely biodegrade, ranging from one year to decades. Even so-called biodegradable lanterns can take years to fully decompose. They can also pose a threat and be harmful to wildlife.  If you still like the idea of the lights, try static lanterns or stationary candles.

Let’s also be mindful of the wildlife outside; hedgehogs especially will see a pile of wood for your bonfire and think it is amazing.  In order to avoid harming any animals, build your bonfire just before you plan to burn it.

No one likes the big clean ups, but we must do our part in making sure waste is correctly disposed of and nothing gets left behind that can cause damage to the environment.  Recycle where you can!

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