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How to keep your Halloween green this year?

Do you know how much waste is produced every year on Halloween? Around 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste is produced during Halloween, it's a scary thought!

We have some useful tips that could help you to take part in reducing that number and have a positive impact on the environment.

This year you could have a go at making your very own trick or treat goodies to give out, such as cookies etc. If you are buying them, trying looking for some plastic free treats.

Why not get a little creative this year and make some decorations of your own to use or simply reuse the ones you used in previous years.

Alongside your decorations, you could also dig out that sewing needle and try making your own costumes to wear out of old clothes and fabrics or whatever you have lying around.  Not got time?  You could try buying second hand at any local charity shops or off a friend.

On Halloween around 1.3 billion pumpkins carved go to waste every year, how about you make a difference this year by:

- Buying your pumpkin local if you can. 

- When you have finished with your pumpkin, compost it

 - Try some delicious new pumpkin recipes.  We highly recommend pumpkin soup - it's super easy to make and tastes wonderful.  What's more, it can be frozen in batches in our silicone bags.  Try out our recipe below, we would love to hear how you got on!


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