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Green Halloween eco friendly tips.  Zero Waste Halloween Tips.

How to have a Green Halloween

Did you know that an estimated 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated from Halloween celebrations each year?  Now that's scary!

There are so many ways to keep the Halloween spirit alive with fun, costumes and games, but without the waste.   Let's make this Halloween a sustainable one.  

Here are our top tips to get you started on your journey to a green Halloween:

Green Halloween costumes

Dig out your sewing needle and give making your own costume a go. Haven't got time for that?   Try heading down to a charity store and see what they can offer. You could mix and match parts of your old costumes or even see what friends have and organise to swap them.


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Halloween Parties

Hosting a Halloween party this year? Or even attending one? There are so many ways you can cut down your waste at your party. Rather than disposable napkins or tablecloths, try cloth instead.  You will be able to reuse it for years.  The same goes for plates and cutlery, simply find a way to use what you have.  If you really don't have enough, then look for paper/bamboo options, instead of plastic.

Avoid buying new decorations and see what you have stored in the attic or garage and reuse them.  Otherwise, check out your local charity shop or even get creative and have a go at making your own.  Ideas include bed sheets for  ghosts, paper Mache monsters from recycled newspapers or scrap paper laying around, jack-o-lanterns from milk cartons, or spiders made from rocks and twigs. 


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Making your own treats and goodies for your party? Why not do the same for your trick or treaters. Rather than going out and buying a whole load of plastic wrapped sweets and treats, make some spooky cookies.  You could also try making chocolate covered apples. If you do prefer to go out and buy your sweets, try looking for some plastic free treats to hand out and try buying in bulk to reduce packaging waste.


Green Halloween Fun

Sticking to your own neighbourhood for trick or treating lowers your carbon footprint.  Why not make it extra eco-friendly and supply your children with a reusable bag for their goodies. A pillowcase or decorated bucket could be a good option - even better it can hold a whole load of treats!

Don't rely on packaged or pre-made products to have fun over Halloween, Be creative and try some window painting for an activity.  Not only do the kids have fun but your house is decorated without the waste.


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Every Halloween around 1.3 billion pumpkins carved go to waste each year, how about you make a difference this year.

Instead of soy or paraffin-based waxed candles, try lighting your pumpkins with beeswax candles or tealights.

Try buying your pumpkin local if you can or even have a go at growing your own organic pumpkin. When you have finished with your pumpkin, compost it or if this option isn't available to you, keep an eye out for your local pumpkin recycling spot. 

Try some delicious new pumpkin recipes. Don't just dump your pumpkin seeds after carving, clean them, salt them and then roast them for a real nice treat. We also highly recommend pumpkin soup - it's super easy to make and tastes wonderful.  What's more, it can be frozen in batches in our silicone bags.

This Halloween, don't cause a shock with your waste, instead, let's make Halloween green!

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