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Reduce plastic in style with our reusable food bags

Do you use single use plastic food storage bags?  Did you know that they are one of the biggest waste factors in the home?  Many are used once and thrown away, ending up in landfill or polluting our oceans.  Not to mention the cost of buying a fresh set of disposable bags each time.


That’s where our Moonmoon reusable freezer bags come in.  They are made from platinum food grade silicone and come in a range of sizes and colours. You can save yourself money and help protect the environment, by investing in a more sustainable option that will last for years. 


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Silicone lasts longer than plastic and handles both heat and cold far better. It’s safer for your family too, as it is free from toxins such as BPA. It is odour free and has no open pores to harbour harmful bacteria.


These eco-friendly alternatives not only look more aesthetically pleasing than their plastic counter-parts, they can be reused time and time again.  Say ‘goodbye’ to bulky plastic tupperware, single use plastic Ziplock bags and clingfilm.  


Our silicone freezer bags can be reused over and over again you can toss them in the dishwasher and let the machine do the cleaning (much easier than trying to wash a plastic ziplock bag by hand with the risk of them splitting). Need to heat or reheat food? Put it straight in the microwave. The bag can handle up to 230 degrees. They can also be used for sous-vide cooking.  Want to keep raw ingredients frozen? It’s okay to place the silicone bag inside the freezer as well.


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Silicone pouches are completely versatile. Great for carrying sandwiches, packed lunches or for storing snacks. Since they are leakproof, you don’t need to worry about spills in your bag. Perfect for freezing pre-made meals and leftovers or for cooking sous vide.


The great thing with our silicone storage bags is they are not only great for food, you can just as easily use them to store most household items from makeup to toys and gadgets. Why not take them on your camping trips and use them to stash away your electronics, toiletries or utensils. Our stand up silicone food bags stand up completely by themselves and have a fair bit of space to store bigger items or hold slightly more. 



Reusable, leakproof and dishwasher proof - what's not to love?!


Our Moonmoon reusable silicone bags are available with free delivery in the UK.

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