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reusable produce bags for less waste

Reduce your plastic waste with these simple swaps

Did you know that every year one third of all food that is produced worldwide is wasted, costing our global economy approximately $940 billion. Well, did you also know that as a household you can reduce your contribution to food waste, and have a greener, more positive impact on the environment? You’re probably wondering how…


You could start by making some small swaps to some plastic-free alternatives.  Perhaps switch your clingfilm and foil for beeswax wraps.  Not only are they natural and plastic free, they are biodegradable at the end of their life… and also much more pretty!


Do you also find you are reliant on plastic sandwich bags or ziplock bags?  .  Have you considered switching to reusable silicone bags instead?  These can be washed and reused as many times as you want and are super versatile!


Sometimes it’s just a case of using what you already have.  Reuse that old takeaway container or glass jar you have lying around from the previous night, use it again and again. From food, to home storage, the possibilities are endless!


Have you tried getting your milk delivered in glass bottles?  These are reused and recycled and can dramatically decrease your plastic consumption. They even deliver fruit juices straight to your door. Why not join the 3% of the UK’s population that already use this amazing service.  Milk and more come highly recommended!


Instead of buying bulk items wrapped in plastic try using reusable cotton produce bags for your onions, carrots, potatoes etc.  You can keep reusing these, which will help keep your grocery waste to a minimum!   Look out for refill shops too, which allow you to bring your own containers and stock up without the unnecessary packaging.


Why not consider replacing your old plastic Tupperware that has come to the end of the road, with some eco-friendly alternatives.  You could try some plastic free options, such as stainless steel lunchboxes, glass storage containers or stainless steel snack pots


It’s these small swaps that really do add up.  What changes have you been making?  We would love to hear about them!

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