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Make a DIY Ice Pack or Heat Pack with our Reusable Silicone Bags

Try our two Moonmoon reusable silicone bag hacks!

Make a D.I.Y Ice pack

As the summer weather heats up, you may be looking for some easy ways to cool down.  One of the great ways to instantly feel instantly refreshed is to use an ice pack.

Add ice or water to your reusable silicone pouch and let it freeze over.

You now have an ice pack suitable for injuries, to cool yourself down or even to keep your food and drinks cool when out and about.


Make a D.I.Y heat pack

Wet a towel/flannel and pop into the silicone bag.  Place your pouch into the microwave for about 30 seconds.

You now have a heat pack suitable for injuries or pains; you can use it like a hot water bottle as well.  Don't forget to wrap before placing directly on the skin.

Check out our video for a tutorial:



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