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moonmoon silicone food bags

Simple Swaps to make this Plastic Free July


It can be overwhelming when you try to reduce your plastic waste.  Plastic really is everywhere! 

We find it’s best to pick one or two areas to focus on.  Often there is a reusable alternative to single use plastic that can easily replace a wasteful habit.

While some believe reusable products are less practical and more expensive than their single-use counterparts, they are often incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily life. Plus, buying one set of reusable items rather than multiple disposable products will often save you a lot of money in the long run.

We hope these practical, yet good looking, products may encourage you to make some swaps this plastic free July to cut down on your personal contribution to the plastic waste crisis.



Reusable Food Bags

We often find the best reusable products are versatile and this one certainly has many uses.

Our reusable food bags are ideal for storing sandwiches and leftovers, you can also use them for a whole range of other purposes. Keep dog treats or wet swimming costumes inside when you go out and about, or add some ice cubes for a makeshift ice pack.

You can even steam vegetables, marinate meat and pop popcorn in our handy pouches. They will survive the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Our Moonmoon food bags are made from platinum food grade silicone, free from BPA, and you can quickly seal them with a pinch. So, it’s always worth keeping a few of these reusable bags in your kitchen drawer and your suitcase when travelling this summer.



Reusable Cotton Produce Bags

Are you shocked at the amount of plastic wrapped produce in our supermarkets?  Thankfully there are now more and more options to buy fresh produce loose, both in farm shops, independent stores/markets and increasingly supermarkets.

A simple way to reduce your plastic waste here, is simply to pack some produce bags when take your usual reusable shopping bags to the supermarket or shops.  Then, when there is the option to buy your fruit and vegetables loose, you will have your bags on hand to make it easy.

Our Moonmoon produce bags are made from organic cotton and are double stitched for strength and durability. 


Beeswax Wraps

Sadly cling film is still in mass use as many have found it hard to change a habit that has been in existence for years.  However, it is notoriously hard to recycle and much of it ends up in landfill and in our seas.

The great thing is, we do have alternatives!  Beeswax wraps are completely biodegradable and are even naturally antibacterial.  When they are well looked after, they can be used for around a year.  They can then be composted or used as a natural firelighter.

Not only can they be used to cover food, they can also be used to wrap all sorts of food, from fruit to sandwiches.

Our Moonmoon beeswax wraps come in three gorgeous designs and are made from organic cotton.


Stainless Steel Tumblers


Are you heading to festivals or other outdoor events this summer?  Instead of going through endless single use plastic cups for your drinks, why not pack some reusable cups?

Our stainless steel tumblers are lightweight and stackable, which means that can fit easily into your bag.  Since they have a 500ml capacity, they work well for pints, wine and soft drinks.  A great BPA free option for kids too.

Do your bit to reduce waste at big events.



Pack your own lunch

Despite good intentions, you may find that your meal-prepping aspirations are out of the window by Tuesday.  Instead, you find yourself reaching for a Tesco meal deal or Pret baguette.

But these meal deals are costing our environment. An astonishing 11 billion items of packaging waste is generated every year due to the sheer volume of food wrapped in plastic and cardboard.

1200 people were recently questioned on their lunch habits and it was discovered that the average person generates 276 pieces of rubbish each year – from sandwich boxes, to crisps and napkins.

One opportunity to cut down on waste, is to ditch the meal deal and pack you own. Our very own stainless steel lunch boxes, snack pots and dressing pots are perfect for this.


What else will you be doing this plastic free July?  Comment below to share!

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