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Moonmoon Silicone freezer bags, silicone strorage bags

Stop freezing food in plastic now - Here's what to use instead

That leftover chilli, extra smoothie, or frozen pizza sitting in your freezer - what's it wrapped in? If you said plastic, it’s time for an eco-friendly alternative. Freezing food in plastic may seem convenient, but it has serious downsides for your health and the planet.

The good news? You can easily freeze foods without plastic using innovative solutions like Moonmoon's silicone freezer bags. Keep reading to learn why plastic freezer bags are problematic and how to stop using them for good. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your frozen foods are safe, healthy, and planet-friendly.

Moonmoon reusable freezer bags

The trouble with plastic freezer bags

Let’s start by examining why plastic freezer bags aren’t the best idea:

  • Made from fossil fuels: Plastic starts as fracked natural gas or petroleum - these are non-renewable resources.
  • Never biodegrade: Bags you use once today may still be intact in landfills 500 years from now.  To put that time into mind-blowing context, that's the equivalent of if they used plastic when Henry VIII ruled, and we found it now! 
  • Risk leaching chemicals: Freezing and heating can cause chemicals in plastic to migrate into food - yes that's right, storing your food in plastic can be bad for your health!
  • Wasteful: According to RecycleNow, over 1.2 billion plastic freezer bags are used annually in the UK alone- now consider what this number would amount to globally...
  • Short usage life: Plastic freezer bags can only be used 1-3 times. After this, they end up in landfill, contributing to plastic pollution.

Introducing the plastic-free solution: Reusable silicone food bags

The eco-friendly alternative? 100% food-grade silicone bags that can be washed and reused endlessly.

Moonmoon's silicone freezer bags provide all the convenience of plastic without the waste. Here’s why they’re a game changer:

  • Made from safe, durable Platinum food-grade silicone - not plastic
  • Freeze, microwave, boil, and even cook sous vide
  • Create an airtight, leakproof seal to prevent freezer burn
  • Withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to 230°C
  • Last for thousands of uses over many years
  • Save money over the continual purchase of disposable plastic bags
Moonmoon silicone freezer bags, silicone food bags

Tips for freezing food without plastic waste

Ready to store your frozen foods in an eco-friendly way? Here are our top tips for success using silicone freezer bags:

  • Chill food first - then transfer to freezer bag
  • Remove as much air as possible before sealing
  • Label contents and dates with marker or tags - easy to clean!
  • Lay flat in your freezer to maximize space
  • Prevent stains by not overfilling and wiping after use

Make the switch from plastic to reusable silicone freezer bags and take your sustainability up a notch. Small steps like this make a real difference in creating a plastic-free future- one Silicone storage bag at a time. Your family and the planet will thank you!

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