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Organise your home and live more sustainably

One of the great ways to reduce your general waste, food waste, eat well and save money is to have an organised home and kitchen.🍴
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Easier said than done? Here are a few of our top tips to get you going: 

- Repurpose your old boxes for storage, instead of going out and buying storage containers etc. Make use of the shoe boxes you may have lying around. Use them to store craft supplies, tools, your eco cleaning products, beauty products or even things like hats, gloves and scarves. 📦🧣🧤🧢


-Keep a basket by your front door to keep your reusable grocery bags in so that you don't forget them. Why not add our Organic cotton produce bags to your collection, they are super handy for buying loose fruit and veg, meaning you can cut down on plastic packaging. 


- Who doesn't love fresh fruit and veg?! If you can why not create an area where you can grow your own fruit and veg or even just your own herbs, you can save yourself money and waste by doing this. Our Stainless-steel snack pots would be super handy to store your own freshly grown herbs etc, either in the fridge or freezer.


- Keep a drawer or cupboard in your kitchen for reusable items. Rather than relying and wasting money on plastic plates, disposable cutlery, plastic cups etc. make yourself an eco-friendly go-to kit for office/work lunches, picnics, or beverages. Our Stainless-steel lunchboxes are great for packing healthier lunches for on the go. Our metal and bamboo lunchbox is perfect if you need a chopping board or serving plate on the go. 


- Make your kitchen cupboards your top priority and sell or rehome anything that doesn't need to be there. Section your cupboards, for example, oils, vinegars and spices should all stay together. Try ordering your food items as if they were in a shop, this way you will know where everything is and you can be sure nothing is wasted.🥫🛒


- Reuse glass jars for storage in your kitchen, whether that is to keep all of your utensils in one place or for cooking ingredients. You can even reuse them outside of the kitchen for things like pens or craft supplies or even your makeup brushes. Why not use glass jars as a vase or planter, you could even decorate them and fill them with fairy lights for home décor. 


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- Declutter your fridge. Remove out of date jars or food that has started to turn. Compost/recycle where possible Keep sections for separate food items such as meat, dairy, fruit, veg etc. Label containers to make it easy to stick to it. Try keeping one shelf in the fridge for food that needs using up first so it doesn't go to waste in the back of your fridge.🍗🧀🥗🍌

- Put a system in place. Reuse containers or baskets to group smaller items and packets together and label your boxes to make it easier to find things. Not only will you have a system, you will also create more space.🏷📦

- Our reusable silicone bags are amazing for organising dried, fresh and frozen food. They are compact and slimline, meaning they take up very little space. Use a washable marker to label what you put inside to easily locate it at a later date.  🍇🥕🍲

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