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Have you switched to beeswax wraps?

Are you mindful of the waste you produce in the kitchen? Is your kitchen filled with single use plastic items?  

There are so many ways to cut down your plastic waste in the kitchen, let's start with plastic wrap!

Do you use clingfilm to wrap up food and leftovers?  It may feel convenient, but plastic wrap is a big contributor to the plastic waste polluting our oceans. In fact, a staggering 1.2 billion metres of the stuff, roughly 740,000 miles of it is used by homes in the UK every single year! That's enough stretchy, slow-to-break-down cling film to wrap its way around the entire circumference of the earth 30 times over!  


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There are so many different ways to wrap your food or cover your leftovers without having to use clingfilm.  Swapping your clingfilm for Beeswax wraps is the next step forward in helping to look after our environment!

Beeswax wraps act similarly to plastic wrap except they don't carry such a negative environmental impact. These eco-friendly wraps are made from organic cotton and then coated in beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil, to help protect your food.  All natural and completely biodegradable.

Reusable for approximately one year, they can help you dramatically decrease your kitchen waste.  They are naturally anti-bacterial and their stickiness can be activated by the warmth of your hands.  

The other thing that sets Beeswax Wraps apart, is that they have beautiful designs on them!  Far more attractive in your fridge than sheets of plastic.

Did you know at the end of their lifetime, they can be used as a natural firelighter?  Or otherwise simply pop them in your compost.  Truly a zero waste alternative to cling film!


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Would you like to make the swap?

Check out our beautiful set of three beeswax wraps.  Available here on our website with free UK delivery.  Here's what our customers are saying

'I've had beeswax wraps before, some better than others. I love these from moonmoon - the patterns are bright and cheery and the three different sizes are really useful. They are supple and really work, especially for covering plates to take food in the car. The packaging is delightful, making them a great gift too, and the price is unbelievably good value.'

'This is an absolute much have! Great that they come in three sizes, they are so pretty and so pleased to be rid of cling film. They are stronger than I expected and fit tightly around bowls. Amazed by these beautiful beeswax covers.'



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