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The complete guide to using silicone food bags: Cleaning and more

Silicone food bags are a super handy eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags and wraps. But if you're new to reusable food bags, you may well have some questions about how they work,

Are silicone bags actually safe? How do you clean them? Can they really be reused endlessly?  How do you label them?

This complete guide to reusable silicone food bags covers all the FAQs and tips for using them safely and effectively. Let's dive in!

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Silicone food bag benefits

Let's start with why silicone food bags rock!

  • Reusable - lasts for thousands of uses
  • Plastic-free - made from food-grade silicone
  • Freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Creates an airtight, leakproof seal
  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Transparent to see what's inside
  • Helps reduce plastic waste
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Are silicone bags safe?

Safety is a top concern with anything touching your food. The good news is food-grade silicone is entirely safe.

Silicone does not contain chemicals that interact with foods or leach into foods when heated. Extensive testing has found silicone is biologically inert and stable.

Our Moonmoon reusable silicone bags meet FDA and European food safety standards, making them 100% safe for food.

Proper care and cleaning

Caring for your silicone bags properly keeps them fresh and maximizes longevity:

  • Hand wash in warm soapy water after each use or pop in the dishwasher
  • Use mild dish soap and scrub gently with a soft brush
  • Avoid sharp objects like knives that could puncture or tear
  • Thoroughly dry before storing to prevent mould
  • Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals
  • Check condition and discard if any cracks, tears, or holes develop

With regular gentle cleaning and air drying, silicone bags will provide years of use. 

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Storing and organising silicone bags

Keep your silicone bags tidy between uses:

  • Group by size - stand upright or stack in a drawer
  • Use dividers in a drawer to separate bags
  • Hang on hooks using holes designed for hanging

Proper storage keeps them clean and easy to grab when needed.

Tips for maximising silicone bags

Use your silicone food bags to their full potential with these pro tips:

  • Eliminate air - squeeze out excess air before sealing to extend freshness
  • Prevent leaks by opting for a bag with a leakproof closure
  • Freeze flat with soups, stews, and sauces to save space
  • Prevent stains by cleaning promptly after use and not overfilling
  • Label contents using washable markers or stickers to track leftovers
  • Use bicarbonate soda for stains - add a little bit with water to make a paste and leave in the bag to help combat stains from spices etc


Love Your silicone food bags

With proper care and smart use, silicone bags are an eco-friendly kitchen staple that will last ages. Ditch disposable plastic ziploc bags and make the switch to waste-free silicone!

Moonmoon have a large range of silicone freezer bags in various colours and sizes from the extra large stand up bags to small bags, as well as our ever popular set of three silicone bags.

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