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How can you use Reusable Silicone Bags?

Our reusable silicone food bags are truly versatile - they can do a whole lot more than store leftovers or food prep ingredients! From travel essentials to outdoor gear and beyond, let's explore the multitude of handy uses for these reusable bags.

While Moonmoon bags are purpose-designed for food, our community continues to surprise us with creative use cases far beyond the kitchen. Their versatility and durability lends themselves to almost any organising, carrying or storage need imaginable.

Travelling & Outdoor Pursuits
Our founder Melanie and her family always keep a stash of Moonmoon bags packed whenever they travel. Leakproof and translucent, they're perfect for  packing toiletries. 

Silicone bags also make fantastic lightweight, waterproof pouches for all kinds of adventures. Melanie's husband brought along a set when climbing Kilimanjaro.  They can be used to store headlamps, camera batteries and other electronic essentials. The handy clip means they can be hung on your backpack, while the waterproofing gives peace of mind against leaks.

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Home Organisation
Around the home, clear reusable silicone bags have a multitude of organisational uses too. Sort clothes items, accessories, or craft supplies like beads into neat visible portions. Hang on hooks anywhere you need quick access.  

Kids love them for packing away small toys (think pens, top trumps and lego), keepsakes and school supplies too. Easy to secure, transport and see what's inside.  

Sandwich & Snack Bags

Silicone food bags are a great way to carry your sandwiches when at work, school or running errands.  Keep all your crumbs inside these lightweight, resealable pouches.  They can be used for snacks too - think crisps, buts, fruit, cookies and more!

Gym & Swimming

Do you need to pack your essentials for the gym?  Keep them in a silicone pouch to keep they organised and accessible.  Our larger stand up bags are then ideal for transporting your wet swimming costume or towel.  

Freezing Leftovers

Our reusable silicone food bags are the perfect choice for freezing your leftovers.  Choose from our variety of shapes and sizes.  Our slimline pouches are great for making smaller portions and take up very little space in the freezer.  The best thing, when ready to eat, you don't need to remove from the bag to cook.  They can be left to defrost or popped in the microwave.  Simply cook in the oven, sous-vide or in the microwave.  Easy!

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 Batch Cooking

Are you someone who likes to batch cook?  Whether it's a big batch of soup, casserole or bolognese, our reusable silicone bags make it easy to prep and store.  Label with a washable marker or chalk pen to help identify your delicious food and mark with the date to keep track of storage times.

 Meal Prep

Have all your delicious ingredients to hand by storing them in reusable food bags.  Ingredients such as fresh herbs, ginger, onions, chillis, and garlic can also be prepped and frozen for easy addition to your dishes.  Another favourite of ours is to store fresh fruit for smoothies, don't let those bananas go black, chop and freeze for a smoothie later.

By investing in high quality, reusable food bags, such those from Moonmoon, you can cut down on the need for wasteful food storage items and find a multitude of other uses too!

We would love to hear how you use reusable silicone bags below.

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