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Moonmoon reusable silicone food bags, freezer bags, sandwich bags, platinum food grade silicone

Are Reusable Silicone Bags safe for food?

Here at Moonmoon, we create eco-friendly kitchen essentials to help you ditch single-use plastics for good. Our reusable silicone bags have become one of our bestsellers, due to their sustainability, versatility, and durability.

We do still receive some important questions around how safe silicone actually is for food storage. Is it 100% inert? Could any nasty chemicals leach into our leftovers, fresh food or baked goods?

We're here to set the record straight on why our silicone gets the definitive safety seal of approval.

First things first - what exactly is silicone? Derived from sand (silica), silicone offers the perfect balance of flexibility, strength and thermal resistance. This is what lends it such versatility for cooking, baking and food storage uses.

By carefully controlling production methods and materials, food-grade silicone complies with strict safety regulations. This includes FDA and European standards certifying that silicone for food contact won't leach potentially harmful chemicals under normal use.

Here's how to tell if any silicone product makes the food-safe grade:

✅ FDA-Approved & EU Compliant

✅ Withstands Extreme Temps from -40°C to +200°C

✅ Odourless, Non-Porous & Non-Greasy

✅ Labelled Platinum food grade

Are silicone food bags safe, moonmoon silicon pouch bags


Our Promise: Total Confidence in Our Silicone's Safety

Following extensive safety testing and quality assurance checks, we stand 100% behind our Moonmoon silicone bags being fully inert and non-toxic.

Our platinum grade silicone is FDA-approved and free from BPAs and other nasties. Material safety has always been and will always remain our top priority alongside our sustainability mission.

The true test for any kitchenware material is adoption by the pros!  Celebrity chefs like Donal Skehan and Suzanne Mulholland (aka The Batch Lady) praise reusable silicone bags for food prep, easy batch booking and safe food storage.

Moonmoon Reusable silicone food bags, freezer bags, sandwich bags, ziplock bags safety 

The Takeaway: Silicone = Safe + Sustainable

So in summary - yes, not all silicone meets food safety standards. But independently verified, high quality silicone specially formulated for kitchen applications is widely considered safe by scientific consensus and global food authorities.

As a reusable alternative far less resource-intensive than single-use bags and containers, silicone offers significant sustainability advantages too. At Moonmoon, we're proud to champion silicone alongside other eco materials like our beeswax wrap for guilt-free plastic-free storage.

We hope this inside scoop reassures you on why silicone earns its place among our line-up of reusable, non-toxic kitchen essentials. If you have any other questions, reach out and our founder Melanie is always happy to chat with you!




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